Noto Systems Smart Studio

Noto Sessions 

From either our website or directly on IG, we invite companies, organizations and individuals to DM us 🙂 for a creative conversation. Through casual conversation we ascertain a general sense of the prospect’s needs, goals, & expectations of a potential project or generate a concept based on our studio’s insights & research.

Casual convo can go on indefinitely as long as both parties share interest to carry conversation even if an immediate business opportunity is not available.If DMs progress, we invite prospect to schedule an official Noto Session. 

Noto Sessions do not exceed 45mins. Noto Sessions are real time DM chats with either or both NEXUS principals in addition to any guests who are invited to participate from either the client or the studio’s choosing. Noto Sessions are design to facilitate real time brainstorms for the exchange of raw ideas, references, rough ‘concepts’, media sharing and voice or video calls if desired.

  • No more than (3) Noto Sessions per prospect. 

If both parties agree to move forward, NEXUS will issue an automated statement / document stating our intentions to produce a customized brief.

Noto Demo

Our NEXUS brief will be delivered in a systemized format applicable to any prospect of any project type via Notion. Our brief will walk clients through our proposed “conceptual architecture.”

  • Agreements with prospects that if project is not contracted, studio retains the right to share commercial as an unrealized concept.

After NEXUS brief presentation we walk clients through Noto System; our systemized platform built on Notion that provides total visibility and collaboration throughout the duration of the project’s life cycle with any node in our architecture stack via a custom built dashboard. Client will have ability to comment, make suggestions, at any point, & on any task in the project.

After brief and demo, we run our invoicing with the client transparently through our Noto Calculator: *Our business model is a transparent, hassle free, simple pricing model that consists of a simple calculation:

        Cost UnitServiceTime          Total
      $6KStrategy02 (months). 02 (weeks)        $13,500
      $6KDesign02 (months). 00 (weeks)        $12,000
      $6KTechnology03 (months). 03 (weeks)          $18,000
                      Grand Total                                $43,500

Noto System

Once client pays for 1st month of invoice we begin the project by setting up their account.
We establish a dedicated Discord channel for open studio hours where project stakeholders can message us at any time during open hours. (e.g. 12pm - 5pm) or request meeting via Discord bot at any time.
For any project that exceeds 1 month, we establish bi-weekly check ins to discuss developments & updates via the Noto System dashboard or clients can elect to receive a custom email with bullet points of updates with links to their specific content.

To Nature ™️ (TBD)

Our Noto System is engineered for optimal efficiency designed for robust, comprehensive output, no matter the scope. However, we believe that at the NEXUS of any project there is a seed that can produce infinite results through the cultivation of a living, growing data base. We invite clients to retain our To Nature service where we create a dedicated team to develop around the clock research, concepts & assets monthly, weekly & daily. Clients can request new work, studies, documents, workshops, campaigns and more without having to incur any additional cost.

Tech Stack